SUZUBIN is a service oriented customized products designer, manufacturer, and distributors pecializing in custom plastic injection parts and aluminum parts, free design and optimization of moulding structure can be provided to minimize production costs for product development, and 100% guarantee the privacy of your project.

Suzubin is a trusted plastic injection moulds manufacturer that produce high-quality and cost effective parts. We offer a complete suite of in-house manufacturing and engineering services dedicated to molding, tooling, project engineering (DFM-Design for Manufacturing), precision plastic parts and products assembly. Our clients benefit from a collective depth of engineering knowledge, expertise, and perspectives on perspectives on plastic moulds design.

Suzubin can manufacture a die casting molding which delivers precision die cast products and services in aluminum, magnesium and zinc. As a custom die casting supplier, we understand that the success of your project requires a partner with the technology and expertise to provide innovative, high quality results. Regardless of die casting quantity, alloy or finish we can lower your unit costs on quality die cast parts.


Suzubin can help you bring your idea from concept to completion. It offer a full service custom plastic and metal parts that works with customers to design and develop new products, engineers prototypes, builds molds, and manufactures.


Experienced Suzubin’s designers and engineers will listen to you. Our team works to improve client product ideas and helps to design the plastic or die casting moulding for manufacturability and cost efficiency.


Suzubin is an engineering and manufacturing company that was founded to research, engineer, and manufacture component parts. Our OEM and ODM experience will help me to bring your product to the market quickly and efficiently.


Suzubin provides top notch engineering services by combining proven design standards with the most modern techniques available today for manufacturing high precision plastic injection molded parts and die casting parts.


Suzubin is a turn-key plastic manufacturer core manufacturing competencies include thermoplastic molding, insert molding, two-shot molding, transfer tooling, and assembly with fully automated, semi-automated, or manual assembly.


We are more than a die casting supplier. Suzubin offers a full array of custom, quality services. We offer a complete die casting solution that includes turnkey cast, machined, finished, coated, and assembled die castings that are optimized for your application.




Design Assistance

Suzubin has a core team who gets involved at the design stage with the sole purpose of improving your products moldabillity. We can improve your outcome in many ways


Industry Expertise

Suzubin can do vertical or horizontal molding, injection or multi-shot injection, insert molding, and Die-casting Molding for consumer products.


Saving Cost and Time

From product idea design to assembly, we not only meet your requirements, but we actively look for ways to improve on your product and thus save you money and time.

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Emphasis on quality

We train our staff of technical and production specialists to accept nothing less than absolute quality as they guide your project through design, development, manufacturing and shipping.


We listen to you

We don’t try to pigeonhole your problem into a pre-set solution. We take the time to learn about your business, your challenges and your requirements. Only then do we propose a solution.


Excellent Teams

Our team at SUZUBIN has over 10 years of combined experience in product and mold design, manufacturing, and assembly in the moulding industry.

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Suzubin always loved by OEM and ODM in global aluminum die casting and plastic injection parts producing.

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    The difference between multi-slide die casting and conventional hot-chamber die casting is the construction and operation of the tooling and the die casting machine required to operate it. Conventional hot-chamber die casting uses a two-part tool, making it difficult and expensive to create parts with complex geometries. Whereas multi-slide tooling is designed to use four perpendicular slides in the tool, enabling complex and accurate castings to be produced. This technology has given our customers the design freedom to create more precise and complex parts.

    The multi-slide tool is made up of the die block, sliders, crosshead, and cover plate. Each die block has either a cavity and/or cores on its face, which together form the complete cavity and runner profile into which the molten metal is injected.

    Net Shaped, Custom Die Cast Parts

    SUZUBIN is able to create custom precision components with tolerances of +/-0.02mm. With our multi-slide process, we can create net shape parts typically without secondary operations—including internal and external threads. The end result is a high-speed, temperature-controlled process that produces thin-walled components so complex in geometry that they would need to be manufactured from two or more pieces if other methods of die casting were used. If you require small complex components, multi-slide die casting may be your best solution. Contact our engineering team to get started on your project.

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    Hot chamber die casting can be used with zinc, magnesium, and other low melting alloys using either our proprietary multi-slide or conventional tooling.
    The hot chamber machine contains the melting pot, while the cold chamber melt pot is separate and the molten metal has to be ladled into the shot sleeve. With the internal mechanism, it makes the hot chamber the faster of the two processes. Other advantages of the hot chamber process include reduced porosity and longer die life from utilizing alloys that do not erode or dissolve the machine when put under heat or high pressure.

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    Cold chamber die casting is ideal for metals with high melting points and corrosive properties, like aluminum.

    Unlike the hot chamber die casting process, cold chamber solves the corrosion problem by separating the melt pot from the injector components. In the cold-chamber process, metal is transferred by ladle, manually or automatically, to the shot sleeve. Actuation of the injection piston forces the metal into the die—this is a single shot operation. This procedure minimizes the contact time between the hot metal and the injector components, which helps to extend their operating life.

    It is possible to cast lower melting point alloys using the cold chamber process but when you consider the advantages of the hot chamber process it usually makes more economical sense to use the hot chamber method for metals like zinc and magnesium.

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    We developed IMA as an innovative, one-step manufacturing solution. It outperforms most adhesives used for small component joining and assembly production and reduces manufacturing costs. Small components of just about any type of material can be joined including metals, ceramics, glass, fibers, paper, elastomers, and plastics.

    The advantages of IMA

    • The bond requires no special surface preparation and has no peeling or thermal degradation issues common with conventional adhesives
    • It performs well in harsh environments where only specialty adhesives and a few injection molding resins could maintain their integrity
    • Part-to-part consistency is maintained over long production runs with tolerances of ±0.05 mm
    • The process creates a strong mechanical lock that can withstand high loads (Zamak 3 zinc alloy is the most common bonding material used in IMA exhibiting a hardness of up to 82 BHN and shear and tensile strengths of 31 and 41 kpsi, respectively)

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Suzubin Household Appliance Enterprise has a perfect creation and design capability

Suzubin Household Appliance Enterprise has been awarded horrors including “Industry Design Model Enterprise of Guangdong Province”, “The Most Creative Design Center of the Top Ten China Industry Designs” and “China Industry Design Top Ten Creative Enterprise”. All the innovative designs are applied to the R&D and production of the new products to produce high-end and high value-added products so as to enhance their market competitiveness.

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